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A Brief Introduction to Different Types of Face lift

The concept behind face lift is a testament to the evolution of modern cosmetic techniques. Face lift procedures today are more comfortable and yield the best results thanks to the extensive research of medical experts throughout the years. The modern techniques that are now being used today have become the biggest asset to encourage people to try different types of face lift procedures. 

Face Lifts Then And Now

Though many patients are still afraid to go under the knife, there is no denying that more and more people are lining up to try new anti-aging trends. Although cosmetic procedures continue to be popular today, the first cosmetic procedures were performed in the early 1900s by Dr. Eugene Hollander from Berlin, Germany. He came up with a technique to tighten the corners of the patient’s mouth and cheeks. 

However, according to modern standards, this procedure cannot be categorized as a face lift because he simply removed excess tissue from the patient. Over a decade later, in 1916, another German doctor named Erich Lexer modified Hollander’s method, removing more tissue and actually lifting the skin. For some time in the 19th century, although gradual changes were made in the application of the methods, the Lexer method was used in face lifts and cosmetic reconstruction.

Years later, a big milestone was seen in the history of face lift procedures and a new technique was developed. Johannes Esser was a Dutch doctor during World War II and during this time, he used a technique known today as “skin grafting” to repair injuries that soldiers sustained after being wounded on the battlefield.

Swedish doctor Tord Skoog then proposed a way to improve the method even further. He believed that the best cosmetic results can be achieved if the deep layers of the skin were reconstructed and repositioned. Later, this method became the new standard for facelifts and was called SMAS, which stands for “superficial musculoaponeurotic system.”

Within the last remaining years of the 20th century, a French doctor named Paul Tessier created a more modified version of what was then the current face lift technique. This procedure was done by removing small areas of bone around the eyes to create a more elevated appearance for the tissues. The results were well-received by the public and were considered more natural compared to previous methods.

Without its long list of breakthroughs in history, facelifts and reconstructive surgeries would not be what they are today. The process of reversing the signs of aging has been adapted over the years and many patients are eager to try the latest and most effective technique. Although there are many different methods available on the market today, including surgical and non-surgical techniques, the methods pioneered by experts are still used in the cosmetic industry today.

Medical companies are also adapting to increased demand as more patients line up to try different methods that may suit them and their needs. Modern face lifts can be performed on different parts of the face such as the jaw, cheek, and neck. A face lift is generally considered an outpatient procedure and patients can start recovering from the comfort of their own homes. However, recovery depends on how extensive the face lift procedure was. Because the procedure can take 2 to 5 hours, doctors may use local or general anesthesia before they begin.

The 4 General Types of Face Lifts

As the demand for cosmetic procedures continues to increase, professionals must adapt to techniques that can meet the needs of patients. While the concept behind face lift techniques remains the same, the procedure varies from person to person. Some people may only want to have the procedure on the lower part of their face while others may prefer the full treatment.

In any case, patients should first consult with their doctor to determine the most appropriate method to achieve the desired results. Because there are many types of face lifts, doctors must evaluate patients to understand how they will push through with each operation. Here are the four main types of facelifts today.

1. The Full Face Lift

From the name itself, a full face lift is a procedure that tackles all the major areas of the face. This includes the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, jawline, and neck. A full facelift may involve removing excess skin or tightening tissues around the problematic areas.

Because of this, a full face lift might require several surgeries as it affects different parts of the face. Although full facelifts can cause a lot of bruising and swelling, it only takes a few weeks to heal and patients can go back to work soon after.

2. The Upper Face Lift Face Lift

Young Women Undergoing Surgery

This face lift procedure is also called a “brow lift” because the method of lifting usually targets the forehead, the upper part of the eyes, or the eyelid area. The procedure involves tightening the skin on the upper part of the face to pull back the droopy skin around the eyes. This brow lift method can give patients a much more youthful appearance.  

Although the overall quality of the skin does not change, this procedure can be beneficial for those who have deep wrinkles around the forehead or sagging eyelids. Depending on how the procedure is efficiently performed, upper facelifts are said to remove 10 to 15 years off of someone’s appearance.

3. The Lower Face Lift

This type of facelift technique deals with all areas below the corners of the mouth. It includes the chin, nasolabial folds, and even the neck or chin. Lower face lifts can take years off the face since the neck or decolletage typically shows some of the most visible signs of aging. 

Women Chin

The recovery period from lower face lifts depends on the age of the person and the extensiveness of the procedure. The average recovery time can be 2 to 3 weeks before most patients can return to work or regular routine.

4. The Mid Face Lift

This type of facelift tackles the corners of the eyes down to the corners of the mouth. It is also called a “cheekbone lift” because the area around the cheekbones is often the target of the said procedure. Mid face lifts can address conditions such as puffiness under the eyes or sagging cheeks.

Mid face lifts can make a person look younger by reducing the hollow appearance of the cheeks. It can also get rid of severe wrinkles on the cheeks, which can become more noticeable with age. The effects of mid face lifts can last a lifetime provided that good skin care is performed even years after the procedure.

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