The New

Secret DUO

Revolutionary Micro-needle Fractional RF system
Advanced Anti-aging RF Technology

Carefully Built For Medical Professionals

ilooda specializes in
clinically suitable hospital
medical devices based on precision
control technology of energy

Dual non-ablative fractional technologies
of micro-needle RF and 1540 Er:glass laser

Technical Highlight

Quick & easy operation

Scanning technology makes it possible to provide fast treatment covering various treatment areas with its easy adjustable scanning size from 1 by 1mm to 10 by 10mm. Also, its fully customizable patterns permit more treatment options depending on the shapes of indications.
5 different scan patterns for more treatment options
Scan size: 1×1 ~ 10x10mm
Dot distance: 0.1 ~ 2.0mm

Less Downtime and Effective Treatment

Multi-Sub-pulses allow deeper penetration with less heatdissipation and less thermal damage in the surrounding tissue for better healing process without unnecessary damage to the epidermal layer.

Minimal Discomfort and Uniform Thermolysis

Its finest medical grade needles show the highest smooth surface quality and durability that allows uniform energy delivery under even coverage of the target areas avoiding any unwanted damage on surrounding tissue as well as uneven coagulation.

Reliable and Effective Result

Secret RF is outstanding for its ability to deliver the most precise thermal effect to the correct depth of skin within minimal downtime. Furthermore, its Non-insluate fine needles create the greater sub and deep dermal remodeling while stimulating 2 layers at the same time.

Technical Highlight

I - Motion(I-Stack)

600㎛ Lens



Energy output per DOT can be superimposed
1-10 times per scanner movement.

Advanced GUI

Fast and Easy To Use

User friendly designed GUI offers effective preset parameters for various conditions to make it easy and simple to use for any practitioners.

We are building clinical network with about

60 key doctors
from 50 countries.

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