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HIFU: Modern Ultrasound Technology Explained

HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound is a new cosmetic innovation that revolutionizes how skin rejuvenation methods are performed. With ultrasound technology becoming a more popular choice for many patients, dermatological institutes are consistently doing their best to improve and modify the design of devices being released into the market. 

Since consumer behavior has always been ever-changing depending on the trends of contemporary culture, people are becoming more interested in skin care procedures. Both men and women today are more inclined toward conforming to a specific standard of beauty which is why the cosmetic industry is consistently on the rise.       

Although HIFU treatments are considered new, they are known to be one of the safest yet most effective skin rejuvenation techniques today. Experts even claim that the procedure can replace invasive facelift surgeries and provide patients with outstanding results all the while feeling no pain. 

Stimulating Collagen

Many products today claim to promote the stimulation of collagen in the skin. This is because collagen is the basic building block for your skin, hair, muscles, and bones. As we get older, collagen production begins to slow down like every internal process in our bodies which is why our skin begins to wrinkle and sag. 

Products with collagen can somehow help with speeding its production within our skin; however, direct stimulation is often better than applying a topical solution or cream. Today many procedures in the cosmetic industry can help directly stimulate collagen production and since people are searching for the most effective method, new treatments like HIFU have been developed.

HIFU can help with the production of collagen in the skin by using ultrasound energy. The process can result in tighter, smoother, and fresher-looking skin. Though HIFU was famously known for treating tumors, the first cosmetic use of the technology began in 2008. Since then it has continued to revolutionize the beauty and aesthetic industry and has been doing wonders for patients who wish to reverse the effects of aging. 

The First Milestones of HIFU

The technology behind HIFU has come a long way from what it was in the past. It was first used for brow lifts and was approved by the FDA as a cosmetic treatment in 2009. They also approved the device as a suitable treatment for skin sagging around the chest area in the year 2014. Since then HIFU has been considered one of the most effective skin treatments in the industry. 

People who refuse to go under the knife can experience almost the same effects as a traditional facelift where incisions are made. This means that patients don’t have to worry about the healing period after undergoing such an invasive procedure. Though much research still needs to be done, the patients that underwent HIFU treatments are testaments to the wonders it can provide for the skin. 

Compared to the effects of laser treatments, ultrasound technology helps the skin better and yields better results. This is because ultrasound can heat and penetrate the skin rapidly without causing too much damage yet with better effects. The cellular damage caused by the heat allows the collagen underneath the skin to restructure and fix itself.

What HIFU Can Do For You

1. Tightens loose and sagging skin

As mentioned above, collagen is what holds the skin and muscles together, which is why most people who are reaching their golden age can notice skin tone above their neck or décolleté. With the help of HIFU treatment, gradual tightening around the skin in the neck and chest areas.

2. Provides a nice brow and eye lift

The eyes and cheeks are some of the most visible areas of the face, so we need to take care of the skin around these areas. HIFU treatment sessions can result in a nice brow and eye lift with little or no downtime. Most patients can resume normal activities after each procedure.

3. Coutures and defines facial features

Since HIFU tightens and smoothens the skin, it can allow facial features that were once covered with sagging skin to resurface again. It gives the face a better definition by tightening the skin around the jaws and chin. 

4. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

As aforementioned, when people get older they experience a decline in collagen production. Because collagen is the main protein that holds our skin and muscles together, fine lines and wrinkles can begin to appear. HIFU treatments effectively stimulate the production of collagen in our skin to reduce or eliminate these common signs of aging.  

5. Rejuvenates and improves the overall integrity of the skin

For those who don’t have major skin problems or concerns, HIFU treatments can still improve the skin in many ways. This is a great technique for easily maintaining the health and overall wellbeing of the skin.

Common Treatment Process

Before each procedure, the doctor would clean the target area and may use a moisturizing lotion. An ultrasound gel is applied to the area so that the HIFU device can be easily applied to the skin during the process. As with other skin care procedures, a dermatologist should be consulted before the procedure. 

A typical HIFU treatment session lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, and the effects can last between 6 months to a year. The device used for HIFU treatment can be customized according to the area that needs to be treated. During the procedure, powerful ultrasound is delivered at short intervals through different parts of the skin. 

After treatment, patients may experience slight redness or swelling around the area, which usually disappears quickly. Most patients can resume their daily routine after the procedure, which is why many people prefer HIFU treatment over others in the cosmetic industry. Since the skin may be more sensitive than normal, you must always protect your skin. 

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn especially after undergoing HIFU, so you should always wear sunscreen and take care of your skin. Additionally, during recovery, the affected area of ​​the skin may feel itchy or irritated. It is always best to avoid contact or touching the face after a HIFU procedure for a speedy recovery.

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